Fill in the Blank: The Problem with Young People Today Is…

The Problem with Young People Today Is…

They can’t write. They don’t understand romance. They’re godless heathens.

A blog that popped out to me was Crabby Old Fart written by a “Don Mills.” Each blog entry starts out with a sentence beginning with “The problem with young people today is…” and is followed by something that a crabby old man despises about youth which turns out to be quite hilarious. The entries, like the three links I’ve provided above, is a ranting based on the separation gap between generations right now.

The blog set up is easily navigated and simple in layout. There is not much distraction in busy borders and moving pictures, something an older blog writer would set up. In it’s easy, simple set up there are not a lot of images. I thought at first it might be beneficial to add some images, but the more entries the more I found myself creating images of my own. Don Mills created a persona for himself that speaks to the reader in a comical tone. With his persona you can take the one image provided of the old man in his chair and just image him out there in world seeing young people doing and being all the things that he despises. You image him pissing and moaning about everything. I think that if any images were to be added they would have to be pretty simple to match the style of his blog and writing.

The audience could be based on any age group really. An older generation could relate to what Don Mills sees as a demoralization of society and the younger generation could carry along in relation to the mocking of their daily lives, both in a context of humor. Very effectively, this blog commits to attracting any reader that stumbles across it on the internet. The context of the blog has an interesting context under the humor on the way society has changed over time. Somethings are for the better, like the younger generations ability to accept change, people, and the world around them easily. And some are for the worse, like the younger generations writing qualities. Either way the blog successfully comments humorously on the gap between generations and the way that the young and old view each other. It’s a way of breaking down our differences, addressing them, and then being able to bring some humor to it also.

4 responses to “Fill in the Blank: The Problem with Young People Today Is…

  1. I enjoyed reading your entry and visiting the blog. Although I am nowhere close to the crabby old fart’s age, I do feel sometimes that the next generation after mine are seriously lacking many factors/characteristics, I guess one could say. I feel that they have no common sense, respect for their elders, personal drive to achieve their best, etc etc. However, I know that does not speak for the entire generation. I know many kids who still posess many of these characteristics, such as my younger cousins. Don’t worry, I’m not being biased. They do have tendencies to act like bratty know-it-alls with no respect towards me or their other older cousins. We do immediately put them in their place. There’s also the lack of responsibility when it comes to abstinence and sex. When my friends and I were their ages, we were terrified of teenage pregnancy and terrified of our parents. Nowadays, there are absolutely ridiculous television shows such as MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “I’m 16 and Pregnant” which glorifies teen pregnancy. I have lost all interest in MTV (in addition to hardly playing any music anymore) and respect for any of these girls and families. I hope that this next generation is not doomed forever and that they will come to their senses. Hopefully we can try to help the generation after theirs, so that they don’t suffer the same stereotype.

  2. When I read this blog I began to think of how generations can be classified from anyones point of view. The old man reminds me of talking to my grandpa. He is always asking why my jeans look so dirty because of the certain wash they were made from or why do I wast the day away sleeping when he is up at the crack of dawn. But some of the comments that the old man said I agree with. I feel that every kid is becoming more and more dependent on technology and that most “romance” is going out the door. Even looking back on the TV shows that I watched and the movies, the ones now all seem like crap. I know that as I get older, my views towards younger generations will slowly turn into ones similar to those of the old mans.

  3. I have dealt with several crabby old people in my life. When I was growing up there was a bitter old woman who lived a couple houses away from us. I couldn’t help but think of her and how annoyed she used to get at me just because I was young. I liked what you said about how some changes are for the better and I completely agree. It is such a great thing that the younger generations get the more accepting and understanding everyone gets. It will take a little more time but soon there will be no more discrimination and everyone will be accepting of other cultures. I like how this blog brings humor to the differences that older/younger generations face. It’s really very amusing!

  4. This writer is great. I love the anger! I love that a lot of the entries seem legitimate like “they’re so damned disrespectful” and “they dance like idiots” and then there are the entries like “they all have disorders” and “they’re godless heathens.” I can definitely relate to a lot of the things that piss this guy off. I also like that the character presented as the author is an old man in a rocking chair but I’m gonna guess the actual author is much younger. I really like your description and commentary on this blog and enjoyed reading it.

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